Knockout Santa


The jolly old elf has been gift giving for over 16 centuries and still isn’t bankrupt.  So, what’s his secret? Whether you are giving gifts for two or two billion use these tricks from Santa to knock out your list.


Make a list and check it twice

Make a list of everyone you intend to purchase a gift for this holiday season. Check it again to make sure you have EVERYONE. Don’t forget any teachers, bus drivers, secret santas, bosses, employees or other meaningful people in your life.  Once I forgot that some of my extended family would be joining us for Christmas that year and I ended up spending $120 over my holiday budget.

Ask everyone what they want

Our eyes often get bigger than our wallets during the holiday season. In fact many stores are set up to encourage you to spend more during the holidays.  One way to combat this is to ascertain what each person want and writing a shopping list.  You stick to your budget and everyone gets what will really make him or her happy.


Enlist help

In this case I mean high tech help.  While stores like Walmart may or may not stand by their price matching policies there are other ways to save.  Imagine you are staring at an item on the shelf and you aren’t sure if you have the best price.  Try scanning it!  There are several smartphone apps that you can use to comparison shop ensuring you always have the competitive price. PCmag has a great list of shopping apps but my favorite apps include feature rich RedLaser or ShopAdvisor which lets you set up price alerts.


Set Up Shop

It’s the thought that counts, right?

There’s a reason Santa made everything in his workshop… it’s cheaper! Try Pinterest for some incredible handmade gifts.  It’s not too late to make vanilla extract or infused liquors for your favorite foodies. Kids are sure to love these ideas from Pinterest, which includes a homemade detective kit.  For your significant other consider making a calendar of your favorite memories together. Personally, I love the fruit cake air launcher which is perfect for creating your own local Great Fruitcake Toss. Afterall, what else are you supposed to do with fruit cake?


Work year round

Not all of the best sales take place on Black Friday.  In fact one of the biggest shopping days is the day after Christmas.  Not that you have to buy this early.  Often you can find awesome gifts in clearance and discounted sections throughout the year.  Just hide them in the attic or your favorite hiding spot until the holidays.


Reward yourself

You worked hard this holiday season. Afterall finding inexpensive, quality gifts isn’t easy.  Reward yourself Santa’s way with a warm chocolate chip cookie and a tall glass of milk!


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